Grace Notes


A few years ago, the War Room, Prayer is a Powerful Weapon, was an awesome Christian movie that swept through the nation, in hopes of igniting a huge prayer movement across the world. My Bible Study group decided to study the book that was birthed from the movie, The Battle Plan for Prayer, From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies. What growth in our prayer life emerged! 

After the study ended, I kept the book handy on my nightstand. I use it frequently to target specific prayers, based on Scripture. With suggestions on how to pray for your spouse, children, city, pastor, the harvest, etc., the list helps me target specifics, pray persistently, and keeps me focused. 

One never knows when diligent and fervent prayers for our grown children are necessary. Recently, my oldest daughter was involved in a four-wheeling accident, which resulted in her being thrown off. Even though her injuries could have been so much worse, I am grateful the accident resulted in only one fractured rib and three small bones of her lower spine. Recognizing healing needs time and controlling of pain management became her focus. 

After rallying my prayer warriors, I found myself flipping to the page: “Praying for Your Children.” I have no doubt praying this prayer persistently for years resulted in God’s sovereign hand of protection. My daughter, too, was amazed how quickly God answered her prayer of nausea relief, a meddlesome side effect of strong narcotics. I simply smiled thanking God for being a good, good Father who wants to bless His children…in many, simple ways!


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